one week of feeding my body right.

i can not believe how quick this week went by!
time flies. i used to roll my eyes when my grandma would say something like this. but have gotten used to the fact that she was right a long time ago. she always is 😉 but this time i thought it would be different. it normally always is when you try to ‘be good’ no? the moment i try to eat healthy all i can think of is food. unhealthy food. haha. so i thought this would be almost impossible to tackle for me.

it isn’t. au contraire! i wouldn’t say it is easy. it requires a lot of effort. but it’s also empowering so it’s worth all the prepping, cooking, planning ahead. my body feels great! i haven’t had a painful stomach since seven days. for me that’s a record! feeling shit after eating has been a daily occurrence since such a long time. i don’t even remember when it wasn’t. so not being in pain or having to rush to a toilet pretty much after my last bite is new to me and not at all something i take for granted.

but not only that. cooking for the elimination diet forced me to get a lot more creative in the kitchen. i mean who wants to eat steamed veggies with rice for 23 days? not me! i even managed to eat something else each day of this week. today i made an amazing stir fry with coconut cream and rice noodles. quick and simple. and so deliiiiicious. and elimination diet friendly. isn’t that amazing?

apart from new recipes i’ve learnt a few things during this week:
l. bananas are THE craving killer.
ll. garlic is life! it makes every dish tasty. poor co-workers, haha.
lll. tupperware is my new best friend.

only two more weeks to go and i’ll be reintroducing foods. i can not wait but until then i am actually loving this journey!


day two of treating my body right.

i did a terrible mistake!

on my first day of the elimination diet and basically a day after i nearly died – so i felt – i went for my normal triathlon training schedule. just a quick swim. 30 minutes. not a problem. so i thought! 15 minutes in i set next to the pool feeling like the world was one big merry-go-round. not fun. will not make this mistake again.

lesson learnt: you might feel good. energetic. motivated. happy to jump right back into your normal life schedule. but your body is still recovering. and this elimination diet is also not nothing. you are cutting out on basically 50% of your normal diet – maybe even more – one day to the other. so your body will need energy to adjust.

take it slow, papi!

so day two has been slow so far. i allowed myself to hang around in bed for a while in the morning and then treated myself with a large frozen banana-blueberry-coconut smoothie – deliiiiiiicious!

lunch has been probably the healthiest meal i’ve ever had in my life. haha!
steamed broccoli and spinach with brown rice. sounds pretty boring? it’s actually refreshing to slow down in the kitchen a bit, too. i’ve read – okay i didn’t read the entire thing but the important bits – quite a helpful paper about the comprehensive elimination diet – if you’d like to read the important bits, too – and something quite obvious and simple is mentioned but it has helped me a lot:

eat simple. cook simple.

easy, right?

don’t get caught up in crazy recipes that are gluten-, egg-, dairy- & nut-free, vegan, rainbow-coloured and make you grow wings all at the same time. don’t make it extra complicated for yourself to pull through the elimination diet. just go back to the basics. when was the last time you had rice and steamed veggies with no fancy-pants sauce sprinkled with superfoods-dust?

all i needed for lunch was garlic, olive oil, some salt & pepper, veggies and rice. and it was really tasty. allow your tastebuds a break, too. you’ll be surprised how nice that can be!

yay to my second day of treating my body right by slowing down!

day one of treating my body right.

right. for some reason i had enough energy yesterday to stand in the kitchen for two hours – prepping meals for the week – even though i had just recovered from food poisoning! maybe this was just what i needed to get it right. my body basically made it easy for me to kickstart with the elimination diet today by almost killing me. funny, right?

i’m all fresh and pretty much empty – so ready to get going!

what is the elimination diet?
it’s a eating plan which eliminates foods that may cause allergies and other digestive reactions for a short-term period to figure out what your body likes/dislikes. simply said: you don’t eat foods like gluten, dairy, eggs,… for a while and then reintroduce them to see wether you react badly to them or not. there’s different plans, some are more restrictive, others are less restrictive but take longer. i reckon it should be chosen within one’s limits of being able to cut out most foods straight-away or not.

i’ve been struggling with my diet for far too long so i’m going for a quite restrictive one. which is supposed to get me results quicker. meaning i won’t have gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, sugar, alcohol, nuts (apart from coconut) and no caffeine. also to make it extra difficult i’m vegetarian. for 23 days. it’s said your body needs 21 days to heal and recover from being given stuff it doesn’t like but some people recommend to add two days to be safe. after the cut-down period i’ll be introducing each group on their own for a day and take notes of any reactions for the two following days. if my body doesn’t react with any uncomfiness i should be safe eating the tried food group. yay!

i’ve stocked the fridge with loads of fresh veggies, fruit and coconut milk. the pantry is stocked up with sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice and chickpeas. and in an unexpected cooking session i managed to cook rice for an entire football team – or maybe even two -, make a delicious smoked tomato soup and roast some chickpeas for snack attacks.

let’s get this done! and hopefully i’ll know soon enough what my body likes/dislikes.


recipe for the soup can be found here: deliiiiicious roasted tomato soup
elimination diet friendly (if nightshades aren’t excluded which is recommended for people with arthritis)

triathlon. just for myself.

reading the heading of this post i thought ‘god this blog journey haven’t even started properly yet and already i feel like it is the most self-centred blog ever written’. but i actually don’t want it to be about me. the person me. i want it to be about self-development. the journey of someone who is trying to find it’s spot in this world. about experiences someone makes and another might feel similar about. so what else am i left with then making it about me? my thoughts. my feelings. my experiences. how would i know about someone else’s thoughts. feelings. experiences. i wouldn’t. i could try to judge a situation from the outside but it would always be from my point of view. so i’ll make it about myself and hopefully someone will feel similar and find some sort of reassurance in it. that’s what i have missed many times reading through post of others. some sort of connection. something that would make me feel like i’m not alone with certain feelings. hopes. anxieties.

back to the topic, shall we?

i decided that i wanted to participate in a triathlon. just for myself. it is not to prove anybody but myself that i can do it. that i can pull through. so far i’ve started many things and never seemed to pull through. i started many diaries i’ve only written in a few pages. i started cooking through an entire cookbook for fun. i started learning Spanish with an audiobook. nothing did i ever complete. finish. pull through.

not this time. i will do it! the other day i told a friend about my idea. i told him i had found a training schedule that seemed easy enough to follow. even for someone who works a lot and irregularly. i was keen. i was gonna do it. so he asked ‘so when will you start?’ and i went ‘well i haven’t found a triathlon event yet. and i need a better bicycle first. my mountain bike won’t do it…’ blah blah blah. I went on and on. and some point he stopped me and said something that made sense. ‘don’t think. just do’ pretty simple, huh?
he was right. i already started finding excuses why i couldn’t get started. so that evening i went home, took my running shoes out and just did. i went for a run. and ticked off my first training session of my 13 weeks training schedule.

that’s been three weeks ago. i didn’t manage to follow through with every training session so far. but i think that doesn’t matter. i think that’s ok. it’s part of not thinking and just doing. in the meantime i started working on the details that kept me from getting started in the first place. i found an event. it’s a small triathlon for beginners. with the option to do a bigger one – still small but bigger – a week afterwards. the first event – my first triathlon – will be on September 17th 2017. 336m swim. 11.5km cycle. 3.5km run. some people might say it’s not a triathlon. but this is just for myself.

no thinking. just doing!