one week of feeding my body right.

i can not believe how quick this week went by!
time flies. i used to roll my eyes when my grandma would say something like this. but have gotten used to the fact that she was right a long time ago. she always is 😉 but this time i thought it would be different. it normally always is when you try to ‘be good’ no? the moment i try to eat healthy all i can think of is food. unhealthy food. haha. so i thought this would be almost impossible to tackle for me.

it isn’t. au contraire! i wouldn’t say it is easy. it requires a lot of effort. but it’s also empowering so it’s worth all the prepping, cooking, planning ahead. my body feels great! i haven’t had a painful stomach since seven days. for me that’s a record! feeling shit after eating has been a daily occurrence since such a long time. i don’t even remember when it wasn’t. so not being in pain or having to rush to a toilet pretty much after my last bite is new to me and not at all something i take for granted.

but not only that. cooking for the elimination diet forced me to get a lot more creative in the kitchen. i mean who wants to eat steamed veggies with rice for 23 days? not me! i even managed to eat something else each day of this week. today i made an amazing stir fry with coconut cream and rice noodles. quick and simple. and so deliiiiicious. and elimination diet friendly. isn’t that amazing?

apart from new recipes i’ve learnt a few things during this week:
l. bananas are THE craving killer.
ll. garlic is life! it makes every dish tasty. poor co-workers, haha.
lll. tupperware is my new best friend.

only two more weeks to go and i’ll be reintroducing foods. i can not wait but until then i am actually loving this journey!


Author: frauleinwonder

It doesn't matter what my name is, how old I am and where I'm from. I'll tell you some random things about me anyway. I like flea markets, food, travels and people that smile even when it rains. I dislike 24-7 grumpy people, stereotyped thinking and sauerkraut.

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