day two of treating my body right.

i did a terrible mistake!

on my first day of the elimination diet and basically a day after i nearly died – so i felt – i went for my normal triathlon training schedule. just a quick swim. 30 minutes. not a problem. so i thought! 15 minutes in i set next to the pool feeling like the world was one big merry-go-round. not fun. will not make this mistake again.

lesson learnt: you might feel good. energetic. motivated. happy to jump right back into your normal life schedule. but your body is still recovering. and this elimination diet is also not nothing. you are cutting out on basically 50% of your normal diet – maybe even more – one day to the other. so your body will need energy to adjust.

take it slow, papi!

so day two has been slow so far. i allowed myself to hang around in bed for a while in the morning and then treated myself with a large frozen banana-blueberry-coconut smoothie – deliiiiiiicious!

lunch has been probably the healthiest meal i’ve ever had in my life. haha!
steamed broccoli and spinach with brown rice. sounds pretty boring? it’s actually refreshing to slow down in the kitchen a bit, too. i’ve read – okay i didn’t read the entire thing but the important bits – quite a helpful paper about the comprehensive elimination diet – if you’d like to read the important bits, too – and something quite obvious and simple is mentioned but it has helped me a lot:

eat simple. cook simple.

easy, right?

don’t get caught up in crazy recipes that are gluten-, egg-, dairy- & nut-free, vegan, rainbow-coloured and make you grow wings all at the same time. don’t make it extra complicated for yourself to pull through the elimination diet. just go back to the basics. when was the last time you had rice and steamed veggies with no fancy-pants sauce sprinkled with superfoods-dust?

all i needed for lunch was garlic, olive oil, some salt & pepper, veggies and rice. and it was really tasty. allow your tastebuds a break, too. you’ll be surprised how nice that can be!

yay to my second day of treating my body right by slowing down!

Author: frauleinwonder

It doesn't matter what my name is, how old I am and where I'm from. I'll tell you some random things about me anyway. I like flea markets, food, travels and people that smile even when it rains. I dislike 24-7 grumpy people, stereotyped thinking and sauerkraut.

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