day one of treating my body right.

right. for some reason i had enough energy yesterday to stand in the kitchen for two hours – prepping meals for the week – even though i had just recovered from food poisoning! maybe this was just what i needed to get it right. my body basically made it easy for me to kickstart with the elimination diet today by almost killing me. funny, right?

i’m all fresh and pretty much empty – so ready to get going!

what is the elimination diet?
it’s a eating plan which eliminates foods that may cause allergies and other digestive reactions for a short-term period to figure out what your body likes/dislikes. simply said: you don’t eat foods like gluten, dairy, eggs,… for a while and then reintroduce them to see wether you react badly to them or not. there’s different plans, some are more restrictive, others are less restrictive but take longer. i reckon it should be chosen within one’s limits of being able to cut out most foods straight-away or not.

i’ve been struggling with my diet for far too long so i’m going for a quite restrictive one. which is supposed to get me results quicker. meaning i won’t have gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, sugar, alcohol, nuts (apart from coconut) and no caffeine. also to make it extra difficult i’m vegetarian. for 23 days. it’s said your body needs 21 days to heal and recover from being given stuff it doesn’t like but some people recommend to add two days to be safe. after the cut-down period i’ll be introducing each group on their own for a day and take notes of any reactions for the two following days. if my body doesn’t react with any uncomfiness i should be safe eating the tried food group. yay!

i’ve stocked the fridge with loads of fresh veggies, fruit and coconut milk. the pantry is stocked up with sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice and chickpeas. and in an unexpected cooking session i managed to cook rice for an entire football team – or maybe even two -, make a delicious smoked tomato soup and roast some chickpeas for snack attacks.

let’s get this done! and hopefully i’ll know soon enough what my body likes/dislikes.


recipe for the soup can be found here: deliiiiicious roasted tomato soup
elimination diet friendly (if nightshades aren’t excluded which is recommended for people with arthritis)

Author: frauleinwonder

It doesn't matter what my name is, how old I am and where I'm from. I'll tell you some random things about me anyway. I like flea markets, food, travels and people that smile even when it rains. I dislike 24-7 grumpy people, stereotyped thinking and sauerkraut.

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      1. Your post are super awesome. You have an amazing way to convey the matter and I think that’s just wonderful 😊. Keep blogging and have a happy day ahead.

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