so ready for the elimination diet!

my history with food being the enemy goes back a long time. but now it just reached its climax and i’m done with it. of course i’m not done with food in general! i’m done with being in pain and hating my body for it. it is elimination diet time!

i am so ready to this after this weekend.

it was my friend’s wedding day and in her own words ‘the most important time in her life’. i’m not sure if i agree with her but i flew to Czech Republic to be with her that day anyway. and ended up in hospital. no, not due to binge-drinking. neither did i break a leg on the dance floor.

although i thought i might die it was just food poisoning. just, right? i tried to ignore my painful stomach and my sit-ins on the loo for the biggest part of the wedding but the morning after i could not take it anymore. even the slightest sip of water caused me seizure like pains and another run to the toilet. i had sat there in the dark – of course the light was broken this specific morning – for quite a while not being able to make a move without the most painful cramps and feeling like i was gonna lose conscience if i’d get up from this disgustingly warm toilet seat. what do you do in a situation like this?

i in this instance didn’t see any other way out but sobbing and crying for help. i begged the first person who walked passed the toilet to get the bride to come. unfortunately we did not speak the same language so she tried to find someone who could instead. i was mortified. a few people knocking on the door asking me to open later the bride finally was found. she had no clue how to handle this crumbled version of myself. after some consultation with her best man who happened to be a meds student they decided to take me to a hospital.

to cut the story short.they gave me some rehydration drinks that tastes like someone wanted to kill me. and for the longest part of the night i thought i’d have to die from dehydration. but i didn’t. yay!

what i also figured that night was that i am done with being in pain due to food. i’ve been there and done that for the past ten years. it’s time this has an end. i wanted to do the elimination diet for a while and i had been planning on starting after the wedding. and after nightmare of the ‘most important day’ of my friend’s life i am so ready for this!

and because i’m still in recovery mode i will explain the elimination diet next time.

Author: frauleinwonder

It doesn't matter what my name is, how old I am and where I'm from. I'll tell you some random things about me anyway. I like flea markets, food, travels and people that smile even when it rains. I dislike 24-7 grumpy people, stereotyped thinking and sauerkraut.

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