hello out there.

i’m new to this. and i haven’t quite figured out what this blog is gonna be about. about life i guess. yes – my life. somehow. but actually that’s not what i want it to be about. i’d rather want this blog to be about life in generell. about all the great things it has to offer. but also about all the sad things that come along the way. basically i want this to be a raw reflection of what life is. it’s beautiful. but it can be tough, too. the other they i was sitting with some people who are close to my heart. we were sitting in a bar sharing epiphanies about life. one was sharing her thoughts about her anxieties. another was talking about his depressions and how depression didn’t necessarily mean sadness. and a third one was talking about her dad who’s dying. sounds terrible or not? it wasn’t. it was emotional. it was honest. and it was raw. and i thought it was great. no masks. no fake smile. no walls to keep up. and in this moment i thought ‘this is what i miss in the world out there’. i want more raw things. more raw thoughts. raw emotions. raw people.

let’s be raw!


Author: frauleinwonder

It doesn't matter what my name is, how old I am and where I'm from. I'll tell you some random things about me anyway. I like flea markets, food, travels and people that smile even when it rains. I dislike 24-7 grumpy people, stereotyped thinking and sauerkraut.

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